And I can’t fly a plane! Can you?

Doctor Who is my new favorite show to crochet to.

Granted I never did have a favorite show to crochet to. I just crocheted whenever, but today is when I made actual progress.

Watching Doctor Who.



And waiting for the next episode to premiere. Because I’m cool like that.

So remember this project?


I crocheted seven blocks more!

The point of the pattern I’m using, and the fabulous book it’s from, Blueprint Crochet, is that it’s a modular crochet garment, but instead of making up all the little pieces and then stringing them together, you make modular blocks, and then crochet them together as you go.


Today I decided exactly how the swatch I had already been working on was going to fit into the pattern, and then I built on it to further the pattern. I’m now keeping track of my progress by drawing around the blocks on my copy of the pattern, so I know where I’ve put which block, and where I’m supposed to be attaching each successive one.


I promise I do own the book, but dragging the book with me across the pond was not going to happen. I was conserving weight in my suitcase. Also I don’t feel bad about drawing on a copy in pen, where I would in an actual book.

The only time I’ve drawn in a book intentionally was in eleventh grade when I had to do a project on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain. We were required to underline lines relating to our project theme, but because I hadn’t quite finished reading the book by the time we were supposed to prove that we had read by underlining, I went on an underlining frenzy. I did like the book. If you like the legend of King Arthur and want a rant by Twain, its a great read. Just don’t do a school project on it if you don’t like it already. Or don’t do a project on it at all.

And then there was that math textbook. But that’s another story.


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