“It’s smaller on the outside!”

By now, I assume you know about my Doctor Who obsession. Its just a small one…

I always loved the beautiful colors of the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS.

Dr Who : S5link

And yes, I do realize that he has a new TARDIS layout. But its much less pretty.

Doctor Wholink


Not really pretty.

Many people when cosplaying the TARDIS go for the gorgeous and timeless blue box design for the whole of their costume. Some have ventured into an inside design, but normally in way that still incorporates much of the blue box idea.

My plan is to make a Victorian styled Steampunk TARDIS costume, based on the inside of the TARDIS. So coppers and golds with a hint of the aqua and teal, with some steampunk flair.

This is actually a potentially ufo stashbusting exercise, as I have a mostly finished corset in the right color scheme and a bolero that is just a little too big for me. I haven’t yet checked the fit of the corset, but I still have the pattern, if it doesn’t fit right.


Please ignore the unintelligible scrawl. And the sketches in general, especially the left one. I couldn’t find a manageable eraser to bring the skirt down. Its no longer the plan.

So here is the plan:

Bolero – I have already made it, but its just a little too big for me, and has sleeves that would not match in color. I’ll be taking the Bolero in, and changing the sleeve color. It currently is a brown and pink combo, so it will end up being brown and aqua.

Corset – Also made previously. I haven’t checked the fit, and it was my first corset ever, so I’ll be forgiving if it doesn’t fit. Its a deep gold, with a raised floral pattern. I made it from an upholstery fabric sample and a thin canvas. Its a simple underbust corset from a pattern I drafted myself. I haven’t inserted the grommets yet. and have yet to find lacing. I’ll probably start with shoelaces.

Shirt – Because the corset is an underbust one, I’ll obviously need to wear a shirt underneath, for going out in public. I’m planning on using the same fabric as the sleeves for the Bolero.

IF the corset does not fit, and the pattern is way off, its possible that I’ll just construct a boned bodice instead.

Bustle Pad – I’ll need to make a small one. Don’t know how yet, as I don’t want to buy a pattern for one costume, but I’ll figure it out

Petticoat – If you watch enough of the Doctor’s TARDIS, you can see that the area below the console platform is covered by wells of a black liquid, and the console platform is a light blue, so I’ve decided to make a petticoat out of black and light blue fabric. Or I’ll find some way to stiffen the skirt otherwise. It gets hot in San Diego.

Skirt – 6 paneled skirt to imitate the 6 paneled console, and it will have an inch and a half of fabric between the panels. The front of the skirt will be framed by panels, not divided by two. The panels themselves will be a coppery gold, and the fabric divisions will be an aqua color. I want it to be a fairly full skirt, but not a majorly massive skirt, like a ballgown. The bottom hem of this skirt will be decorated with gears and sequins, to imitate some of the small features of the TARDIS.



My favorite style years base on this diagram are 1847, 1877, and 1897, and my skirt will reflect one of these.

Bustled Overskirt – I love the shape of a draped overskirt, at least in the back, and so will be adding a bustled back overskirt… because I can. I’m planning to use this tutorial for the most part. Without the bat wings.

Gloves – I’m planning on buying or making evening gloves that reach to the elbows, in a warm copper color.




Hair – Luckily, I already have red hair, which fits into the colorway I’m working with, and I’ll be styling it into a modified hairdo based on one of Madame de Pompadour’s hairstyles in her episode of Doctor Who. You can see a peek of it in the gifs above!

Shoes – While I’ve been here abroad, I’ve bought a pair of boots that would work perfectly for this outfit, but as they were inexpensive and on sale, I’m not sure they will make it long enough to wear for Comic Con. If they don’t I always will have my TARDIS shoes to fall back on, and it will require less packing if I use the TARDIS shoes.

Necklace – Because I am a bead artist, there is a need to wear a necklace whenever possible, especially when I get dressed up. My necklace here will be based on what I think is the coolest part of this TARDIS. The time rotor. The time rotor is the whooshy thing that moves up and down, and this time rotor is made up of what look like stacked glass bubbles. Its lovely, and deseves to shine in a necklace format.

Props – I’m definitely planning to make a sonic screwdriver pen, based on this lovely tutorial. Look at the awesome pictures she has of hers! Who wouldn’t love to have one of those? I’m also planning on a project to take an old book and put in a swimming pool. After all, “There’s a swimming pool in the library!”



Cape – I’m also planning to give homage to the traditional TARDIS blue box, in the form of a cape. It will be another elbow – waist length cape, much like the one for my Belle outfit, and will feature the sign on the right side of the cape, and the Police Public Call Box on a ribbon around the hood.

So that’s that!

Got any suggestions or helpful hints? I’m all ears? Or eyes, cause I’ll be reading them… Whatever.


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