Why, hello there!


I’m here to admit that I have a bit of a problem. Well, maybe its grown to be more than a bit.

I craft too much.

I’m just naturally a craft-oriented person, and love trying new things. Which has led me to do many fun and new things.

But I have this tiny itsy bitsy issue. I have a problem actually finishing crafts before starting new ones. Needless to say, I have a lot of ufos lying around.

I have realized that the only way for me to work on this issue is to air these projects to the public, and work to finish them.

Of course, I’ll still be working on new projects, because I really don’t think that is going to stop. I have accepted that.

I’m currently studying abroad, away from my stash of ufos at home. This is probably a good thing. However, I’ve also been planning a big, massive, and incredibly not-ufo-stash busting project. This is most definitely not a good thing, at least for my ufos. I’ll let you in on that project later.

I did… I maybe… I kinda did, though… bringafewofmyufoswithme. You’ll get to meet those soon.

By the way! You may have noticed that my blog has the name Annabelle on it. Annabelle would be my alter ego, if I truly had an alter ego. Annabelle would finish all the projects that she started before beginning another one.

In parting, I thought I’d leave you with some of my recent finished projects. Mostly just to make me feel better about, well, unfinished projects.

Pull to Open TARDIS Shoes

I’m a big Doctor Who fan, which you will likely hear more about in the future. To be fair, I’ve only really seen the new Who, but I’m working up to watching the classic stuff. But the new stuff is absolutely fantastic. So I made TARDIS shoes.

Dolphins Pink Quilt

I’ve been making quilts for over eight years now, but I have only made a few for myself. The ones above I’ve made specifically for myself. I have made a number of quilts, though, for an amazing organization called Quilts For Kids.

Glossary – AKA In case you didn’t know, or in case I’ve made up a word, which happens quite often.

ufo – unfinished object

TARDIS – time and relative dimension in space – and/or go watch Doctor Who.

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